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Indonesia beautiful tourism - Monument Monument is a monument incorporating young pentagon. Consists of part of the foundation, body and head. Pasa side of the monument there is a relief basis. The whole monument is made of stone. To reinforce the impression tugunya, ornamental ponds and gardens created at around the monument. The buildings are located around the mace Sewu Tugumuda Starting from the idea to build a monument to commemorate the events of the Battle of Five days in Hyderabad.

then On October 28, 1945, the Governor of Central Java. Wongsonegoro meletakkaan first stone at the planned location is near the town square. But since the war erupted in November 1945 against the Allies and Japan, this project became dormant. Then in 1949, the Youth Coordinating Board of Indonesia (BKPI), initiated the idea of ​​building the monument back, but due to funding difficulties, the idea was also not happened. In 1951, Mayor of Semarang, Hadi Soebeno Sosro Wedoyo, form a committee Tugu Muda, with the development plan is no longer on the location of the square, but at this present location. Monument design is done by Salim, while the reliefs on the monument is done by the artist Hendro.
Stones used include imported from kaliuang and Paker. On 10 November 1951, the first stone laid by Governor Boediono and central Java on 20 May 1953, coinciding with National Awakening Day, Tugu Muda diresmikaan by Sukarno, President of the Republic of Indonesia. Until now, quite a lot of changes have been made to the statues around the monument young, among others, making gardens and ponds. Indonesian Paradise.

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